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The regimental home of Company F (RANGER) 425th Infantry

425th Regimental Association Dining Out – April 12, 2014

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Dining In LOGOThe 425th Regimental Association plans to hold a dining out April 12 2014, In order to do this we need to gauge the participation level, “HEAD COUNT” The cost per individual will be announced once a estimated attendance level is established. The cost of admission once calculated will be for the following, Hall, Open Bar, Food, and Shuttle service to the local Holiday Inn Express.

The event will take place at the VFW 1146 Bruce Post, 28404 Jefferson Ave., St. Clair Shores, Michigan. With the date placed well in advance we hope to have a huge turn out.To let the Dining Out team know you are interested in attending go to the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/243918029098493/?ref=23.  If you are not on Facebook, let us know if you are interested in attending by making a comment on this post.  Let us know if you will attend and how many guests you might bring.

We also encourage any support for this event from our members, If you have connections to have any Co.F merchandise made such as T-shirts, Mugs, Decals, Etc, please comment to this post.

425th Regimental Association Newsletter – Spring 2013

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425th Regimental Association


Spring 2013


Company F Unit History Project.

If you deployed to Iraq with Co F, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

As you probably know, the 425 Regimental Association Historian COL. Don Bugg is in the process of writing the units history. It is done up to the point of Co F’s combat deployments.  From that point in time  he has received little information from our combat vets.  COL Bugg has contributed a great deal of time and work into this project that is of benefit to us all.  He would like to finish the book so we can put it to print but is still reluctant to do so until we have our combat history recorded.   However, he will have to do so soon, so we hope you guys will either send an email or call him and relate your war experiences to him. It doesn’t have to be fancy or in any type of format. We don’t even care about spelling. We just need your story in your own words. But he needs it as soon as you can get it to him.

He currently has all the dry info such as places and dates but he is looking for personal experiences to add color to the history.  We would like to hear about some of your specific missions or other incidents of interest such has the big gun battle or the patrol the guys captured the high value target etc.  He is also interested in types of missions you went on, whether LRRP, CAV unit scouting or even wall guard duty.

We hope you will please cooperate and pass this along to the other guys that were there but not members of the 425th Regimental Association.   You can email Don at flyflogger2@att.net or call him at (248) 852-3879

Association Sick Call

Our Secretary, Ben Walker, has just recently been released from the hospital after going through major surgery to take care of some internal bleeding.  It sounds like it was a close call.  Ben is resting at home, but while he still has a long to go, it appears the worst is over and he is in the recovery stage.

Joint Picnic with 82nd Airborne Association

WHAT:     425th Regimental Association Annual Picnic

Call all your Co F buddies and make a day of it. The more the better.

WHEN:     Saturday. 27 July 2013 / Family Picnic starts at 1100 hrs / Business meeting

will be held at 1500 hrs in the Bruce Post Bar Room. Be sure to sign roster

WHERE:   Bruce VFW Post /  28404 E. Jefferson Ave,   St. Clair Shores, MI.  (Located between 11 & 12 mile Roads)

As in the past, the 82nd Association will be supplying hot dogs, hamburgers, (Burned to order) condiments, paper plates, utensils, and beer.  (please put a generous donation in the can to cover these and other costs)

Dinner is pot luck and those attending are encouraged to bring a dish to pass. The grill opens around noon.

There will be games for the kids, so you are also encouraged to bring a prize to donate (possibly something from the dollar store) for kids up to age 12.

At present there will be a skydive demo jump between 1300 and 1400 hours.  The 82nd will be running a closest to the pin raffle where for $5 you can buy a measurement (in increments of two inches).  (Time subject to change).  If you pick the closest skydiver to the target you will win  50% of the money taken in.  The skydivers volunteer their jump to help the 82nd Association but the Jump A/C and fuel are not free so this pays for their expenses.  Make as many guesses at 5 bucks per as you wish.  One of our own, CPT McKalpain may be one of the jumpers

David Lincicome will be at the picnic selling our new line of  EMBROIDERED hats, shirts, and  license plates. (All proceeds go to the 425 Assn fund)

425th Regimental Association challenge coins and will be available to buy at the meeting only.  (Don’t got one? Better buy one or be prepared to do a lot of pushups)   (All proceeds for coins also go into our 425 assn fund.)

Additional events planned are, DJ Music,  and maybe some re-enactors, or other static displays.

The 425th Regimental Association will have their business meeting at 1500 hrs inside the Bruce Post Bar Room as we did last year.

This is our biggest event of the year and we are looking forward to a large turnout and a lot of fun for everyone.  As usual please leave all explosives, claymores, grenades, bayonets, machine guns and brass knuckles at home.


Call to order………………………………………………………………………….Lincicome

Sign In Roster Notification……………………………………………………..Walker

Pledge of Allegiance……………………………………………………………….Lincicome

Airborne Prayer……………………………………………………………………..Walker

Reading of the Minutes…………………………………………………………..Walker

Treasurers Report…………………………………………………………………..Neff

Historians Report……………………………………………………………………Bugg

Membership Report………………………………………………………………..Wangen

Web Site Report……………………………………………………………………..Wangen

Old Business………………………………………………………………………….Lincicome

Airshow Parking Committee Report………………………………………….Lincicome

CO F Memorabilia Committee Report……………………………………….Anderson

FT Custer Historical Society Update………………………………………… Bugg / Wangen / Walker

NCO Club Ceiling Tile Disposition (Previously tabled)……………….Burchill

Proposed Party………………………………………………………………………..Lincicome / Neff

New Business………………………………………………………………………….Lincicome

Wounded Warrior donation………………………………………………………Lincicome

Election of Officers………………………………………………………………….Lincicome

Any further New Business to be Presented?……………………………… Lincicome


NOTE: There will be an election of officers at this meeting.

Article V  Election By Laws

–  No member shall be elected to office without the members consent.  In case a member is nominated to office and the member is not present at the meeting, the sponsor must have written consent to place the members name before the Association for election.

– Elections for Officers will take place at the annual meeting of the Association.  Term of office will begin 1 October current year until 30 September of the following year.

Ben Walker, Assn Sec.

Thunder Over Michigan Air Show

Once again David Lincicome will be leading the charge for our parking project at the Willow Run Airport.   The date is SOON, It will be the weekend of 11-12 August.  As in the past the Association will receive funds for our coffers in accordance to the number of volunteers we have working the parking concession. We have done well  the past several years. Let’s make this another banner year.  You can work both days or just one and get  to see the air show free.  Workers will receive their choice of a  free logo hat / T-shirt or license plate.   For more details or to volunteer contact David Lincicome. Contact info below.

National 82nd Airborne Association Convention

The National Convention will be hosted by the Tillman E. Beikes, Indianapolis All Airborne on August 14-17, 2013.  Registration Fee: $82.00 (per person attending Convention) (After July 15th $92.00 (Includes Hospitality Room, Memorial Lunch Friday and Saturday evening Banquet.  Please call the Marriott Indianapolis East Hotel below and make Your room reservation (state Handicap needs) No later than July 18, 2013 for the 82nd Airborne Division Association Group Rate listed below.(Mention code: AIRAIRA) The hotel is Marriot East Hotel at 7202 E. 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46219 (317) 322-3716.  Rates are $89.00 Tax/night ($103.24).

Association Resources

Our Association website has a wealth of information, including an archive of newsletters.  Go to http://www.425regiment.org and check it out.  The latest post is about the “Virtual Vietnam Wall” and has a link to Co F’s own 1LT Ralph Miller.

The Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs has some good information as well. http://www.michigan.gov/dmva/0,4569,7-126-2362—,00.htm

Military Star Card

Consider applying for the Military Star Card and get a 10% discount at Exchange food courts and $.05 discount at the Exchange gas station.  http://www.shopmyexchange.com/exchangecredit/


425 Regimental Association Board Of Directors, Contact Information 

President:                    David Lincicome – president@425regiment.org

Vice President:            Richard Anderson  –  vicepresident@425regiment.org

Secretary:                    Ben Walker – secretary@425regiment.org

Treasurer:                    Tom Neff  – treasurer@425regiment.org

Historian:                    Don Bugg – historian@425regiment.org

 RCSM:                       Dean Burchill – csm@425regiment.org

Adjutant :                    Bob Wangen – adjutant@425regiment.org

August 2012 Newsletter

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August 2012


On Saturday, July 28th the 425th Regimental Association held its annual picnic and business meeting at the Bruce VFW Post. The picnic as in the past, was held in conjunction with the Etherton Chapter, 82nd Airborne Association annual picnic. Beer, burgers and brats were provided and everyone brought their favorite dish or desert to pass. If anyone went hungry it was their own fault. As far as I could see every one had a great time. Many of our guys brought their families and the majority of the time was spent drinking beer and catching up with what they did during the past year. There was also considerable swapping of jump lies from back in the day.

Most things went off well except that the sky divers were a bit late and one of them made about a two foot divot in the grass. However nothing seemed to be hurt except his pride. The kids had plenty of games to play (supervised by our own Ray Marple) and plenty of prizes were available for the game winners. In addition to other events there was a WWII jeep for kids to ride in. Also a booth to buy t-shirts and stuff including our own.

The meeting went well but too many things were discussed to be covered in detail here. The roster had 24 signatures but I counted more than 35 in the room. Shame on somebody. We currently have 149 members but only 85 have their dues paid up for the year. That means that over a 100 guys missed out on a good time. We missed seeing you so hope to see you there next year.

Things of importance other than the usual reports, covered in the meeting were:

• Unit History and memorabilia projects

• Donation to the Ft Custer Museum

• Articles of incorporation

• Gold Boot fund and its purpose

• Donation to Wounded Warriors or some other TBD charity

• Upcoming Air Show parking project

• Election of Officers results:

President: Dave Lincicome

Vice President: Richard Anderson

Secretary: Ben Walker

Treasurer: Tom Neff

Historian: Don Bugg

RCSM: Dean Burchill

Adjutant: Bob Wangen

Note as per our by-laws the current officers will remain in office until 30 Sept 2012

Ben Walker / 425 Secretary


Here is a report on the air show last weekend. I would like to thank the following troopers who volunteered their time to support the Association. Dean Burchill, Richard Fox,Chuck Lovett,Bob Lagana,Chris Surmacz,Pete Bondurzuc,and Tony LoPiccolo. The feedback from Tammy looks good. The 425th was second in volunteers for both days. We should be receiving a “check in the mail” soon. I will deposit it in the account as soon as we get it. We ran into a lost trooper named Bill Elliott. He was in the unit when the Battalions were formed into the Airborne. He has already sent his membership form and money to Tom Neff and has already signed up to work the show next year. Thanks again to you guy’s who helped out….DL

MEMBERSHIP: If you are not a current member you can join by going to our website www.425regiment.org and download a membership form and follow instructions.

If you are a member but your dues are not current you will receive a notice in the near future. If you have questions call or email Tom or Bob.




1.  FROM THE PRESIDENT, Dean Burchill.

The mission of the 425th Regimental Association is to perpetuate the history, lineage and honors of Co F (Ranger) 425th Infantry.  Membership in the Association is open to anyone who served in Co F (Ranger) 425th Infantry, or any successor unit.


1.    Our next business meeting will be on Sunday, 6 May 2012 at Bruce VFW Post – 28404 E. Jefferson Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI. (located between 11 & 12 Mile Road).

As per the recent warning order, the 425th Regimental Association will conduct a business meeting, and a family pot luck dinner / social get together starting at 1300 hrs. (See time schedule below)    Go to Mapquest and enter address for directions from your location.    There is no coordination on the pot luck meal so everyone bring something different. ??????  AH Gotcha.  Actually if everyone brings their family favorite there should be plenty of diversity in the meal.  A giant sub sandwich will be provided by the Association. Other than that it’s BYOBB for liquid refreshments.


1300 – 1500 – Luncheon and Socializing

1500 – 1600 – Business Meeting

1600 – 1700 – Socializing

2.    425th Association challenge coins:  I have (2” coins in color) and the (1” coin raised no color) for sale.  Cost for the larger coin is $15 for the first and $12 for additional. The 1” coin is $7 for the first and $3 for additional.  If you want one of each the ‘set’ is $20.  The order forms for the larger coins are on our website.  Or you can mail a request to 22533 Lincoln St. Clair Shores, MI 48082-1781 that is addressed to the association.

3.  We are again planning to have our annual 425th Association summer picnic with the 82nd Assn. at the Bruce Post.  The scheduled date is Saturday, 28 July 2012.  The event is free, but donations are taken for beer, entertainment, and other amenities provided.  Also bring a dish to pass and a small toy for the tots.  There will be skydivers with a closest to the target jackpot and the 82nd Association will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets.  Further details to follow at a later date.


Many of you have been asking for T-shirts, Hats and license plates with 425 Association logos.  We now have a great line of excellent quality products with our logo EMBROIDERED on them.

We are currently working to make them available for order on our 425 Regimental web site.

For now we do have a limited number of items available in stock in various sizes. For further details call or email me at my contact my info at end of this article

T-Shirts:             $25.00

Hats:                   $20.00

License Plates: $25.00


Our 425th Regimental Association currently holds $4,677.77 as of February 6, 2012 for our business expenses and to help any of our members who may be in need in the future. Thomas R. Neff, Treasurer.


A.   NOTICE OF CO F CONSOLIDATION ORDER –  Attached is the state order (permanent order 100-001) consolidating the lineage of Company F, 425th Infantry with that of  Company A, 1/125th Infantry Regiment effective 09 April 2012.   This means that the Linage and Honors of the 425th Infantry Regiment will be carried forward by A Co 1/125 Infantry Regiment.

B.  I am currently working with CPT Jenzen on finalizing historical information regarding CO F’s last deployment.  I now have access to official information that will be very helpful.  I plan to send CD’s of the draft final to each board member. After it is reviewed we can then decide what our next step(s) should be.

C. Another topic of the meeting was the disposition of the Memorial Stone presently at the former CO F armory.  CPT Jenzen as representative of CO F  and I as representative of the 425tn Association will be working together to get it installed in the memorial garden at Camp Grayling.  If there is some sort of dedication service after its installation you will be notified as to time and place.

5. FROM THE ADJUTANT,  Bob Wangen.

As of this date we have 85 members who are current with their dues and 61 members who are arrears in their dues.   If you are in arrears please go to the 425 Association website, down load a

renewal form and along with your check send it to our Treasurer Tom Neff.  Dues are $10.00 per year.

Those members that are not able to receive our Email Newslettter can contact me by phone and I will send them a hard copy by regular mail.  If you know anyone in this situation please inform them of this policy.


2012 National Memorial Day Parade to Honor Sacrifice of the Iraq War Generation

WASHINGTON, Feb. 15, 2012  — The 2012 National Memorial Day Parade, our nation’s largest Memorial Day parade, will feature a special tribute recognizing the sacrifices made by those who have served in the war in Iraq, and welcoming home those who have served. The parade will mark the first major public event in Washington DC.  Since the end of the war, there has been a great outpouring of support for a parade honoring the men and women who have served and sacrificed in Iraq,” stated American Veterans Center president Jim Roberts. “While a large-scale ticker-tape parade for Iraq war veterans is unlikely anytime soon, as troops are still deployed to Afghanistan, the valor and sacrifice of the Iraq war generation cannot and should not be ignored. The National Memorial Day Parade will serve as a dignified tribute to those who sacrificed in Iraq, and a place for the public to gather to demonstrate their gratitude.”

The parade will mark the first major public event in Washington paying tribute to the Iraq war generation since the conclusion of operations in December 2011.

BUDDY TO BUDDY PROGRAM:  Do you need help?

Help is just a phone call away. If you or a service member you know needs help, call the Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteer Veteran program at 1-888-82-BUDDY (1-888-822-8339). You’ll be matched with a veteran trained to help you find resources for a variety of readjustment issues, such as financial benefits, educational goals, emotional challenges, substance abuse, legal or job issues.

If you’re a veteran in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, PLEASE call the Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-TALK



The mission of the 425th Regimental Association is to perpetuate the history, lineage and honors of Co F (Ranger) 425th Infantry.  Membership in the Association is open to anyone who served in Co F (Ranger) 425th Infantry, or any successor unit.

The 425 Associations, summer family picnic was held again this year in conjunction with the 82nd Assn. summer picnic at St Clair Shores.  We wish all of you could have attended because we all had a great time.  The business meeting was held at Bruce VFW Post and we signed up a number of new members.  I would like to personally welcome all of the new members to the Association.

This would also be a good opportunity to thank all of our older members for their faithful membership over the years as well.  I especially appreciate those that cannot attend our meetings because they live in faraway places, but still remain loyal members of the Association.  We miss seeing you there but know you are with us in spirit.

We are currently in the process of planning our next meeting and look forward to seeing more of you there.  Information to follow when details are confirmed.

We want to thank Elwood Kyle for a donation of 200 challenge coins he procured and donated to the Association.  We are selling them for $7.00 each or two for $10.  They are smaller than our original 425th Association coins and are not in color as the originals but are a bargain at 7 bucks.  Open the attachment to see what one looks like.  By the way we still have a supply of the original style for sale as well.  Contact me to purchase either style by mail.  Postage and handling are included in the price.

Please note the dated information from former Co. F Troop, 1SG Hagelgans, Co “B” 1-125, in Section 3:

Dean Burchill / President


Hello folks.  As you may recall our Association has been involved the past several years with the Willow Run Air Show parking concession, which is run by Tammy Merkel, former leader of the CO F.  Family Support Group.  In past years we donated the funds we earned from this project to the CO F, FRG.  This year, due to the deactivation of CO F and its support group, it was decided that the funds we earn will go into the 425th Regimental Association fund and be used to help soldiers in need and associations like the Wounded Warriors Project.  Read below for an account of the funds earned by the parking concession sent to us by Tammy Merkel.

On a personal note: I would like to point out that if we would have had more volunteers, like we did in past years, the work load would have been much less and the funds earned for our warrior charities would have been much greater.  It is not often we have an opportunity like this so hopefully more members will find the time to volunteer next year.

Association members volunteering this year were: Chariman Dave Lincicome,  Dean Buchhill,  Richard Fox, Phil Griglio, Mike Fitzgerald, Chuck Eddy, Pete Bonderczuk, and Chuck Lovett who almost got there but had vehicle problems inroute.

I would like to point out that we also had some much needed help on Saturday, from a personal friend, Bryan Boyadijian and his family, Jordan, Nicky and Victoria.  Without their help there would only have been two of us working on Saturday and we could not  have fulfilled our mission.  I also want to note that in addition to helping us fulfill our mission, our commission for the 425 Association fund was greatly increased by their help.  We are grateful for their help and plans are currently in the works to have some Meritorious Achievement Awards, designed and printed up.  Brian and his family will be the first to receive them.

Many of you have been asking for T-shirts and Hats  with 425 Association logos.  We now have a great line of excellent quality products with our logo EMBROIRDED on them.

We are currently working to make them available for order on our 425 Regimental web site.

For now we do have a limited number of items available in stock in verious sizes. For further details call or email me at my contact my info at end of this article

Report From Tammy Merkel


Thank you and all the 425 Regimental volunteers.  Sorry for delay, I have heard back from everyone that the volunteer file was correct so I could finalize the calculations.  This year, the airshow director increased our payment from the $5000 we expected to $7000 since the Blue Angels were there and we had a big job.  After all the calculations, we had 108 volunteers.  25 of them were volunteers that have worked with me for a few years, but donate their funds to the other groups as their way to support the military.  As a result, the calculations were based on 83 volunteers.  425 had 13 volunteers or 16% of the total volunteers.  16% of $7000 is $1096.39.  I will send a check out this weekend for that amount.

Below is the breakdown of the calculations.

# of vol. % of total Vol      % of total $          Group

11           13%       $927.71                A 125

12           14%       $1,012.05             D 125

27           33%       $2,277.11             HHC

20           24%       $1,686.75             126

13           16%       $1,096.39             425 Reg

25           0%          $0.00                    Interact

108         100%     $7000                  Total

Again, I want to thank you.  All the volunteers were wonderful.  The Airshow coordinator was thrilled with how smooth the parking lots ran.  We a lot on Sat and improved many processes for Sunday.  We will continue to take the learning to improve for next year.  We are still working on finalizing the dates for next year, but should have them soon.  We are waiting for a couple confirmations, before we announce.  Next year we will not have the Blue Angels so we will be paid $5000.  I hope you will consider volunteering again!!

Let me know if you have any questions.  I hope you are doing well.  I will talk with you soon.


Dave Lincicome / Vice President.


Our last meeting was held at Bruce VFW Post, St Clair Shores 30 July 2011

Officers present were; Pres.  Dean Burchill, VP.  Dave Lincicome, Treas.  Tom Neff, Sec.  Ben Walker,  Adj.  Bob Wangen,

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers report was read and approved.


Generalized reports and topics of discussion included the following:

— Membership Report:  At meeting time we had 102 dues paying members.  Currently, we have 129 dues paying members.  We are growing.

— Historian Report:  Project is 95% finished.  However the projected completion date of September is in question because information and pictures from both CO. F deployments are still coming in.

— Air Show Parking Project Report: Proceeds from the project not available at this time.  Refer to Vice President section for further information.

— Unit Colors and Memorabilia Committee Report:  Due to military regulation the Unit Colors will be maintained by the Property Office, at State HQ.  The committee will co-ordinate with State HQ to take possession of other items but we still need a place to secure them  Bob Wangen presented the possibility of contacting COL Jim Spackman, President of the FT Custer Historical Society.  They are opening a museum but don’t have a building yet.

Keith Meade informed us that CO F Commander CPT Jenzen, had hand receipted a lot of the memorabilia to First Sergeant Henry of C Troop, 126th Inf.  for safe keeping, until a permanent place to display them could be found.  (1SG Henry is a former CO F Platoon Sergeant).

— Annual Election of Officers:

President Dean Burchill conducted the Annual Election of Officers with the following results.


Old Business:

— A tabled motion by Ben Walker from last meeting, to look into why we conduct membership renewal using the Fiscal Year (1 October)  instead of the Yearly Calendar was reopened.  After a logical reason was given by Bob Wangen and further discussion, Walker withdrew motion and the membership renewal date will remain as is.


New Business:

— Elwood Kyle donated 200 Challenge coins he has procured.

— The topic of membership cards was brought up from the floor and the use of virtual membership cards was discussed.  A motion was made by Wangen and seconded by Walker to send a virtual membership card by email to acknowledge receipt of dues with actual membership cards to follow periodically.  Motion passed.

— Fernando Campos brought up the question of Life Membership.  We currently do not have that option available so a committee of Campos and Eric Hennings was formed to look into the matter.

— Ben Walker told the membership that in order for members to receive newsletters and other Association email they must insure to keep him informed of any email address changes.

He also suggested that members make a file and save their old newsletters and other information sent to them, to cut down on members emailing and calling him for information that had already been posted in the newsletters.

— Fernando Campos requested that all previous newsletters be stored in a file on the Web Site.  Bob Wangen / Association Webmaster said he would start such a file.

— The matter of the disposition of painted ceiling tiles from the old Camp Grayling EM / NCO club was tabled until next meeting.  Dean Burchill volunteered to store said tiles until then.

Meeting ended 1609 hrs.

SUGGESTION:  Please save your 425 Assn. Newsletters to a file in your computer so you can look up information you may need in the future.

EMAIL ADDRESSES: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  Email is the most efficient and cheapest way for us to keep in contact with you.  However if you change your email address and fail to notify us, then you may have broken the only string of contact we may have with you.  If you no longer desire to receive Regimental Association news or other articles of interest sent to you, that’s entirely up to you, (And feel free to let me know) but if you wish to remain in contact then don’t forget to notify me if you change your address.

Ben Walker / Secretary


Financial Summary: After various expenses including $487.08 for website and $1610.91 to purchase embroidery design disk for t-shirts and hats etc.  We have a total of $2352.97 in our various funds.  NOTE: This does not include the earnings from the parking project.

Please be advised that due to the changes made in the Association Officer Structure, all members will now send membership applications or renewal forms along with their dues, directly to the treasurer’s office.  Please go to the 425 website at www.425regiment.org for an application and other information

MEMBERSHIP & DUES:  Dues are $10.00 per year.  Currently, the membership period begins on 1 September of any given current year and ends on 31 August of the following year.  Renewals paid late will be applied to that current year.  Dues of new members signing up in second half of current year will be applied to the following year.

Membership applications and instructions are now available for down load from the 425 Association Web site.  www.425regiment.org  Click on the Membership tab.


If you have enough time in to draw retired pay, you qualify for Tricare or Tricare for Life health coverage which is like health insurance but has no premium to pay.

You also qualify for their mail order prescriptions from Express Scripts.  The mail order co-pay is $1.00 per month for generic and $3.00 per month for non-generic drugs.  You get a three month supply at a time.

If you are a veteran, even with less than twenty years, you may qualify for Veterans Hospital health care.  Often they limit enrollment and treatment to only service connected injury/disability veterans, but check it out.  Visit your nearest hospital or clinic within the VA system.  Call the Ann Arbor VA hospital at 800-361-8387 and ask where the nearest one is to you.

VA’s co- pay is $8.00 per month per prescription.  Here is where the savings comes in:  Obtain a paper prescription from the VA doctor and mail it to Express Scripts, if you are receiving retired pay.  To enroll in Tricare and its Express Scripts RX program, contact DEERS at 800-538-9552 to update your information and determine your eligibility.

If you are eligible, then contact Tricare at www.tricare.osd.mil/ and poke around.

Dental Insurance is also available to some at the Tricare website.  The present premium is about $34.00 per month per person.

Thomas R.  Neff / Treasurer


During the CO F Farewell Ceremony, I noted that not all veterans were saluting.  Some were placing their hand over their heart.  Although this is optional and up to the individual, some may not know about the new ruling regarding this, as follows.

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 contained an amendment to allow un-uniformed service-members, military retirees, and veterans to render a hand salute during the hoisting, lowering, or passing of the U.S. Flag.

A later amendment further authorized hand-salutes during the national anthem by veterans, military retirees, and out-of-uniform military personnel.  This was included in the Defense Authorization Act of 2009, which President Bush signed on Oct. 14, 2008.

HISTORY PROJECT: I have been working 4 hours daily trying to attain the projected completion date of 30 Sept 2011.  However information that must be included, especially concerning the two deployments keeps coming in.

Don Bugg / Historian

2.  Next 425th Association meeting

DTG: To be determined.



First Sergeant Kevin Hagelgans, “B” Company 1/125Inf.  Saginaw Armory, a former CO F trooper, has invited us to their deployment ceremony.  He notes that there are a number of former CO F troopers in CO B that have requested to see some Maroon Berets in crowd to support their send off.

DTG:  Ceremony takes place on 26 September at 1900 hrs.

Location: Saginaw Armory, 1800 S.  Outer Drive, Saginaw MI.  48601



First Sergeant, MIARNG

B Co.  1-125 INF



HI Guys,

Does anyone remember the year we went down to Eglin Air Force Base (Field #2) between years 78-82?  Do you have a copy of your orders for that trip on file?? Maybe, along with a personnel list that were sent to go….   If so can you send me a copy?


Mike Sorvick



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