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2016 Regimental Rendezvous – Camp Grayling

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425 CrestRegimental Rendezvous – Camp Grayling

The Second Annual Regimental Rendezvous will be held at Camp Grayling on 21-22 May 2016.

This is intended to be a “guys” weekend.  If members are welcome to bring a wife or significant other; however, there will be no special activities or arrangements made for them.

The cost for the weekend is $18 per person to underwrite the cost for meals.  We have made arrangements for a limited number of quarters in Building 656Q in the old “Tent City (600 area)” for Saturday night.  These rooms will be first come, first served.  Once all rooms have been assigned you will need to find lodging somewhere else in Grayling.  These rooms have one queen-sized bed and private bathroom.  The price for the first person in the room is $40.  The cost for a second person is an additional $9.  The second person may share the queen bed or bring their own air mattress/cot and sleeping bag.

Here is the schedule for the weekend.

Saturday, 21 May

1100 –              Arrive & check in

1200 – 1300     Lunch (Assoc provided)

1400 – 1700    Firing personal weapons on a Range 3 (25-meter range)

1800 –              Dinner (Assoc provided)

Sunday 22 May

0900 – 1000     Breakfast (Assoc provided)

1000 – 1100     Pack up and clear Building 656Q

1100 – 1130     Roll Call at 425th Memorial Monument

1200 –              Depart for home


We will provide a roster of all attendees to the front gate so those without a valid ID card can enter Camp Grayling.

Information on the range and how to bring personal weapons on post will be provided in a letter of instructions.


The preferred method of registration is through the Association website at http://425regiment.org/?page_id=1205

If you are unable to register online, mail the following form to Dean Burchill.

Regimental Rendezvous Registration

Name ________________________________________

Phone Number (_____) ____________

Address _________________________________________________

City ______________________________________ State _______

Zipcode  ________________

Email address: ____________________________________________

I request a room in Building 656Q.  Yes ____  No _____

I am willing to share this room with another person.  Yes _____ No _____

Enclose a check for $18 per person payable to the 425th Regimental Association.

Send this form to:

Dean Burchill

22533 Lincoln

St. Clair Shores, MI  48082

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