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425th Regimental Association E-Newsletter Fall, 2013

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Fall 2013


The 425th Regimental Association plans to hold a dining out on Dining In LOGOApril 12 2014, In order to do this we need to gauge the participation level, “HEAD COUNT”  The cost per individual will be announced once a estimated attendance level is established. The cost of admission once calculated will be for the following, Hall, Open Bar, Food, and Shuttle service to the local Holiday Inn Express.

The event will take place at the VFW 1146 Bruce Post, 28404 Jefferson Ave., St. Clair Shores, Michigan. With the date placed well in advance we hope to have a huge turn out. To let the Dining Out team know you are interested in attending go to the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/243918029098493/?ref=23.  If you are not on Facebook, let us know if you are interested in attending by sending me an email at adjutant@425regiment.org.  Let us know if you will attend and how many guests you might bring.


We are sorry to report that LTC (ret) John T. Koehler passed away on October 10th.  Terry was injured in a skiing accident many years ago and was paralyzed from the waist down as a result. He has been in poor health for the last few years.

Terry joined Co F as a SP4, was commissioned as a 2LT through MMA, rose through the ranks to Captain and served as the Commander from 1985 through 1988.  He was a Jumpmaster and Pathfinder with 125 jumps.  He retired from HQ STARC as a LTC after his skiing accident.


The Army G-1 has a website that provides information and links that should answer most of your questions about retirement.  If you click on the Contact Us link on the left side, you can get a list of all of the Retirement Services Officers.  For Michigan, they are at Selfridge or Fort McCoy.

Army G-1 Retirement Services – http://www.armyg1.army.mil/rso/default.asp


IMG_5819We enjoyed our annual picnic with the 82d IMG_5822Airborne Division Association on July 27th at the Bruce VFW Post.  If you have never attended this event, you don’t know what you have been missing.  There was more food than anyone can eat, plenty of beer and soft drinks, and good old Airborne camaraderie.  Twenty members of the Association attended the event.  One of our new members, Henry Heatley,  was a soldier in the Heavy Mortar Company of the original 425th Infantry Regiment!

During the business meeting, new officers were elected for the next year.  Your new officers are:

President                     Richard Anderson       president@425regiment.org

Vice-President            Mark Evans                 vicepresident@425regiment.org

Treasurer                     Tom Neff                    treasurer@425regiment.org

Secretary                     Anthony Lopiccolo     secretary@425regiment.org

Adjutant                      Bob Wangen               adjutant@425regiment.org

Historian                     Donald Bugg              historian@425regiment.org

CSM                              Dean Burchill              CSM@425regiment.org

These officers will serve from October, 2013 to September 2014.


IMAG0184Once again the Association supported IMAG0188the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show.  We parked cars in the handicapped parking lot.  While it was hard work, it was also a lot of fun.  While we weren’t on the flight line, we could still see many of the flyovers and other aerial acts.  Many of the people parking in this lot were veterans who appreciated our efforts and shared a couple of “war stories” before they went into the show.  The weather was great and lunch was provided, what more would an infantryman want, right?  This is a fund raiser for the Association.  Watch for the announcement for next year and join the fun.


If you are retired and are using your us.army.mil email address, please be advised that use of this email address will end on December 31, 2013 if you have not made a password change within 90 days.  ALL retiree accounts will be terminated on March 31, 2014.  This will affect access to your DFAS MyPay account, your Official military Personnel File (OMPF), and other services.  Go to http://www.eis.army.mil/ako for more information on the AKO transition and how to get a DOD Self-Service Logon to replace your AKO logon.  Because of this transition and leaving/changing jobs will cause your email address to change, I also recommend that any members using their work email for Association contact info, change to a personal account such as Google, Yahoo, etc.


Online shopping with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service is easier than ever thanks to a refresh of the organization’s official website, www.shopmyexchange.com, in preparation for the key holiday selling season.

Improvements include a new homepage layout design, complete with an updated visual look and industry-standard navigation; more product categories; easy-to-find links to specialty stores and online mall vendors; improved product pages; and easier checkout.

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