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Winter, 2015


Renew your Membership and Shop Online on the Regimental website

The 425th Regimental Association has joined the ecommerce age! You can now renew your membership online through the Membership Center on the Association website.

You can also purchase Regimental clothing, coins, license plates, and decals through the Regimental Quartermaster Store.  We accept payment by PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

Update on COL Don Bugg

COL (ret) Don Bugg, our third commander suffered a massive stroke in January. Thanks to quick medical treatment and good shape he is recovering well. After treatment at Pontiac General Hospital he is now undergoing rehabilitation in at the Heartland Rehabilitation Facility – 925 West South Blvd Troy, MI 48085. Room 210. He will be there plus or minus 2 months.

He is able to have visitors and he is always glad to see someone from the unit. If you are going to make a visit, please call his daughter Julie to make sure that we do overwhelm him with too many visitors at one time.  Julie says his right side is moving now and his speech is improving. She also says he is frustrated that he is not getting better faster. (Some things never change!)

Joint 82nd Airborne Division Association/425th Regimental Association Picnic

Saturday. 25 July 2015 / Family Picnic starts at 1100 hrs

Bruce VFW Post /  28404 E. Jefferson Ave,   St. Clair Shores, MI. (Located between 11 & 12 mile Roads)

As in the past, the 82nd Association will be supplying hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, paper plates, utensils, and beer.  (please put a generous donation in the can to cover these and other costs)

Dinner is pot luck and those attending are encouraged to bring a dish to pass. The grill opens around noon.

There will be games for the kids, so you are also encouraged to bring a prize to donate (possibly something from the dollar store) for kids up to age 12.

At present there will be a skydive demo jump between 1300 and 1400 hours.  The 82nd will be running a “Closest to the Pin Raffle” where for $5 you can buy a measurement (in increments of two inches).  (Time subject to change). If you pick the closest skydiver to the target you will win  50% of the money taken in.  The skydivers volunteer their jump to help the 82nd Association but the Jump aircraft and fuel are not free so the “Closest to the Pin Raffle” helps to pay for their expenses.  Make as many guesses at $5 per as you wish.

There will be an Association Membership meeting at 1400 in the club room. This is your best opportunity to participate in the decision making of the Association.

Military Discount for Veterans

Verizon offers discounts to service members, veterans and federal employees, including 15% off plans $34.99 or higher. They say you can apply online but you have to get a form from a Verizon service center and fax it in.

New U. S. Army Retired Lapel Buttons are now available

WASHINGTON — The new U. S. Army Retired Lapel Button (depicted to the right) is now available through the Exchange stores and website at The lapel button costs $5.80 online and the larger Retired Service Identification Badge, which is worn by Retired Soldiers on the Army Service Uniform, costs $12.25. To quickly find the new items on the Exchange website, just type “Soldier for Life” into the keyword search box at the top of the site and hit enter.

Identification Badge is slightly different than the official Army logo due to manufacturing requirements. The new Soldier for Life window stickers, which incorporate the official Army  Soldier for Life logo, will be available this summer.

Did You Know? More uniform policy for Retired Soldiers

Wearing military medals on civilian clothing. Retired Soldiers are authorized by Army Regulation 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, to wear military medals on appropriate civilian clothing. This includes clothes designed for veteran and patriotic organizations on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Armed Forces Day, as well as at formal occasions of ceremony and social functions of a military nature. Personnel may wear either full-sized or miniature medals. Personnel who wear medals on civilian clothes should place the medals on the clothing in approximately the same location and in the same manner as for the Army uniform, so they look similar to medals worn on the Army uniform.

How to wear the Retired Service Identification Badge. The Retired Service Identification (ID) Badge (see photo above) will only be worn by Retired Soldiers when they wear the Army service or dress uniforms. Department of the Army Pamphlet 670-1, Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, says the badge is worn on the wearer’s left side. Also, no more than two ID badges may be worn on one pocket or side of the coat. The higher badge is worn on the wearer’s right. DA Pam 670-1 lists the order of precedence of all 12 Army ID badges in par. 22-17a. On males, ID badges are centered between the bottom of the pocket

flap and the bottom of the pocket and from left to right. When two badges are worn on the same side, they are spaced equally from left to right on the pocket. On females, ID badges are worn parallel to the waistline with one inch between badges when two are worn on the same side.

When Retired Soldiers are prohibited from wearing the Army uniform. AR 670-1 (par. 3-7k, 23-1, and 23-3d) says Retired Soldiers are prohibited from wearing Army uniforms:

  • When furthering any political or commercial interests, or when engaged in civilian employment.
  • When participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies, or public demonstrations.
  • When attending any meeting or event that is a function of, or is sponsored by, an extremist organization.
  • When wearing the uniform would bring discredit upon the Army, as determined by the Commander.
  • When specifically prohibited by Army regulations.
  • When not on active duty but acting as an instructor or responsible for military discipline at an educational institution, unless the educational institution is conducting courses of instruction approved by the Armed Forces.

Commissary Rewards Card Helps Patrons Save

FORT LEE, Va. – Customers looking to save even more than the usual 30 percent on their groceries can reach for their personal plastic: the Commissary Rewards Card. The Defense Commissary Agency’s digital coupon redemption system allows commissary patrons to access and clip coupons and store them on their card to be scanned at the store.

Customers have several ways to access the digital coupons. There are two apps – one for iPhone/iPad and one for Android – both of which allow for on-the-go coupon clipping. The apps also feature information on the commissary closest to the customer along with promotions and contests. There is also a website for those who prefer to use a computer to track their coupons. The site is For quick tips on using the Commissary Rewards Card, check out the following easy steps:

  • Get a rewards card at any military commissary.
  • Register the card.
  • “Clip” or download coupons to your account (they are automatically loaded to your card).
  • Print a list of your coupons and bring it and your card with you on your next shopping trip.
  • Present your card at checkout so the cashier can scan it for coupons that match your purchased items.
  • Digital coupons are automatically erased from the account as they are redeemed or if they expire.

Ranger Rendezvous at Camp Grayling

We have begun planning the first Ranger Rendezvous at Camp Grayling. It is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 30-31 May 2015. That is the weekend following Memorial Day. We will meet at the cottages on the shore of Lake Margrethe. We will have some quarters at Camp Grayling that we will make available of a first come, first serve basis. Other options are the trailer park operated by the Officers’ Club and local hotels and campgrounds. This is intended as a “guys weekend,” but wives and girlfriends are welcome to attend if they choose to do so. They should be aware there will be no planned activities for them.

The cost for the weekend is $15.00 per person to defray the cost of the meals. Any cost for Camp Grayling quarters is the responsibility of the member, not the Association.

Here is the tentative plan, although it may be subject to change as the planning continues.

Tentative Schedule (Everyone brings their own lawn chairs)


1100 –              Arrive & check in

1200 – 1300     Lunch (Assoc provided)

1400 –              Tour of Camp Grayling

1600 – 1700     Happy hour @ NCO Club

1800 –              Dinner


0900 – 1000     Breakfast (Assoc provided)

1100 – 1130     Roll Call of Absent Friends at 425th Memorial Monument

1200 –              Depart for home

Please contact Bob Wangen at if you plan to attend. This does not commit you but will give us some idea of how many to plan for. A more formal invitation will be sent out in a couple of months with a link for reservations through PayPal.



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