Second Annual Regimental Rendezvous – May 2016

DSC_4311 (2)The Second Annual Regimental Rendezvous took place at Camp Grayling on 21-22 May.  Building on our experience from last year, the event was a great success.  We had a total of 35 members and guests, an increase over last year’s attendance.

The weather was perfect all weekend; 75 degrees, clear sky, light breeze.  How many times were we at Camp Grayling when the slogan, “If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training,” was appropriate?  This was certainly not one of those!

Camp Grayling threw us a curve on the schedule for the range and we had to move to the range immediately upon arrival.  However, Rangers are used to adapting to the situation and our Range Committee handled it with no problem.  Duane Gardner ran the range in a professional manner and range control was happy to work with us.  Even though we told everyone not to bring rifles larger than .30 caliber, someone thought it would be great fun to bring a machine gun.  Yeah, I know it’s a .30 caliber machine gun, but really!

DSC_4067 (2)Bob Saier was the master chef in our lobby kitchen, preparing Saturday lunch and breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.  Their menu ideas were excellent as was the quality of their food.   There was more food than anyone could eat and no one went away hungry.

Building 656Q was in good shape and the issuing people worked well with us by adding lots of extra rooms as more members showed up.  Hey guys, maybe next year you can register ahead of time?

DSC_4336 (2)After an evening of reliving events of the early days of Co F as well as the two deployments to Iraq, we ended the weekend by reading the roll of our fallen members at our unit Memorial Monument in the Memorial Garden of the Camp Grayling Chapel.  The memorial service was concluded with our Regimental Prayer.

A special thanks to the volunteers who took on the challenge and delivered a great time for all –

  • Phil Griglio – NCOIC
  • Duane Gardner – Range Officer
  • Bob Saier – Chief Cook
  • Tom Neff
  • Tony Lopiccolo
  • Dean Burchill
  • Dave Lincicome
  • Mark Evans
  • Bill Poynter
  • and all the others who pitched in when needed

The Association Board is already working on evaluating the event and integrating suggestions into the plans for next year’s Rendezvous.  If you didn’t attend, you missed a great time!


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  1. Duane Gardner says:

    Where can I find the rest of the photos?
    There must be hundreds.

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