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Winter 2018


 You can renew your membership online through the Membership Center on the Association website.  You can also purchase Regimental clothing, coins, license plates, and decals through the Regimental Quartermaster Store.  We accept payment by PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

VA Hotline Goes Live

The new White House/VA Complaint Hotline went live on June 1st. The number is (855) 948-2311. By August 15th the service will be 100% active with 24-hour, live operator assistance. All calls will be confidential, but the information will be shared with the VA.

Get Your Copy NOW!

It’s out! Basil Zaviski has published Gunston Street Comics as a book. Order yours from Amazon by clicking on this link. Gunston Street Comics – Iraq 2003-2005.

Upcoming Regimental Events – 2018 – Mark your calendars and hold these dates.  Look for more details in future mailings.

#1 – 4th Annual Regimental Rendezvous

The Fourth Annual Regimental Rendezvous is currently under an extensive review. It will take place at Camp Grayling or Fort Custer. We are trying to get a date in early June, if not it will be in September again. We are totally at the mercy of the Grayling and Custer training site schedulers. This year members are welcome to come up on Friday night.  We should have plenty of room.  Plans are for range firing on Saturday with lunch on the range, a military movie fest on Saturday night, and a ceremony at the 425th Memorial Sunday morning.

#2 – Joint 82nd Airborne Division Association/425th Regimental Association Picnic

Saturday. 28 July 2018 / Family Picnic starts at 1100 hrs

Bruce VFW Post /  28404 E. Jefferson Ave,   St. Clair Shores, MI.  (Located between 11 & 12 mile Roads)    

As in the past, the 82nd Association will be supplying hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, paper plates, utensils, and beer.  (please put a generous donation in the can to cover these and other costs).  The meal is pot luck and those attending are encouraged to bring a dish to pass. The grill opens around noon.

There will be an Association Membership meeting at 1400 in the VFW Club Room.  This is your best opportunity to participate in the decision making of the Association.

#3 – Thunder Over Michigan Air Show

David Lincicome will be leading the charge for our parking project at the Willow Run Airport.   It will be the weekend of 25-26 August 2018 and feature the USAF Thunderbirds.  As in the past the Association will receive funds for our coffers in accordance to the number of volunteers we have working the parking concession. We have done well  the past several years.

The more volunteers we have, the more money we make. You can work both days or just one and get to see the air show for free.  This year will feature the Blue Angels, so the crowds will be big. Workers will be provided with lunch and receive their choice of a free 425th Association hat, T-shirt or license plate.   For more details or to volunteer contact David Lincicome at s4@425regiment.org or call him at (810) 560-4665.

#4 – 425th Regimental Association Reunion Dinner

We plan to hold a Reunion Dinner at the Bruce VFW Post in October (Date to be determined)  The estimated cost will be $40 per person.  This will be a catered buffet dinner with an open bar.  This is NOT a formal Dining Out, but an informal “Reunion Dinner.”  We hope that this will be an opportunity for both members and their wives to enjoy the camaraderie of Company F.

The 2017 Annual Reunion Dinner

We had a great plan with a guest speaker who had commanded Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan, and then he got recalled back to his unit and couldn’t make it. What did we do? We did what Rangers do best and improvised.  SFC (ret) Bill Poynter  came forward and spoke about how the two companies got joined together as one, a dynamic merger if there ever was one!.  MSG (ret) Steve Mrozek spoke about paratroopers in general, and their histories.  About how the Germany messed with the idea in the 40’s, and how the first parachute was invented in France in the late 1800’s.  The idea may have originated in Europe, but  it was the US that instituted the first successful Airborne Division in the military. 

The food was good and plentiful, and while there wasn’t as many attending as we may have wanted, there was a good selection.

We presented the colors, passed out certificates of achievement to the members who have served in various functions during the year, recited the Regimental Prayer, had dinner and drinks, had a good time, then retired the colors. 

Guys, this is a great time, a fun event, and a chance to stay in touch before you lose contact with each other. Look for more to come on the Dinner for 2018.

2017 Regimental Rendezvous

The 2017 Regimental Rendezvous was another success.  We encountered a number of new obstacles and tried some new things, and it all worked out in the end.

The biggest obstacle was that Camp Grayling has turned Building 656Q from a chargeable quarters building into a barrack. This made it more difficult to schedule and the accommodations were not a plush as they had been in the past.

Based on the availability of Building 656Q, we scheduled the Rendezvous for September instead of May. Our less than expected turnout may have been a result of this decision as some of our members told us that they were tired up with fall sports and school activities.

We also opened the schedule to allow members to arrive on Friday afternoon/evening.

The time on the range was as enjoyable as ever. The Big Ranger in the Sky cooperated by providing beautiful weather for the weekend.  We again used Range 3, a 25-meter range. Some members have asked about using Range 10, an automated record fire range; however we again chose Range 3 for several reasons.

This range can be run with a minimum number of range personnel allowing more of our members to shoot on the range, rather than running it. A 25-meter range allows use the flexibility to fire handguns and rifles at the same time.

Range 3 allows us to put more people on the firing line at the same time, increasing the amount of time people have for shooting, rather than waiting for their turn.

Bill Poynter, once again, entertained everyone by bringing his A3 .30 caliber machine gun. This is actually a semi-automatic version, but equipped with a hair trigger, so it is “almost” a machine gun.

In the afternoon, everyone had the chance to visit the PX and Class Six store, before we went to the Officers Club for dinner. At the Club, Merry Meredith and her staff provided our members with a great meal in a historical setting. The Officers Club was the residence of Rascom Hanson, who donated the land for Camp Grayling to the National Guard back in the 1913. It has been the Officers Club since Camp Grayling was established.

Michigan veteran designation for licenses and ID cards

The veteran designation gives veterans an easy way to prove their veteran status to receive discounts from businesses. Eligible veterans may get the designation by visiting any Secretary of State office or when renewing through the mail. The designation is available when you apply for an original or renewal Michigan license or ID at no additional charge. If added at another time, correction fees will apply.  The word “Veteran” will be printed in red on the front of the card.

Military veterans who served in any branch of the U.S. armed forces and have an honorable or under honorable conditions (general) discharge may have a veteran designation printed on their Michigan driver’s license or state identification card.  Qualifying services include the U.S. Air Force, Air Force National Guard, Army, Army National Guard, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy, as well as their Reserve components. Contact the Michigan Secretary of State office for more information.

What is the VA Veterans Choice Program?

  • The Veterans Choice Program is a new program to improve Veterans’ access to health care by allowing certain Veterans to elect to receive health care from contracted providers outside of the VA.

Who is Eligible? A Veteran who

  • Has to wait more than 30 days for an appointment
  • Residence is more than 40 miles away from nearest VA Hospital or VA Clinic
  • Excessive or Burdensome circumstances traveling to the nearest VA

How do I get started?

  • Your VA doctor will order the consult

Can I call my Non VA doctor to make an appointment?

  • No, please call the Veterans Choice Program at 1-866-606-8198 to set up an appointment. Veterans will be guided on the follow up process needed by the CHOICE Health Net  administrators.

Billing Issues?

How to contact the Choice Program?

425th Regimental Association Board of Directors & Contact Information 

  • President:                   Stewart Boner  – president@425regiment.org
  • Vice President             Mark Evans – vicepresident@425regiment.org
  • Secretary:                  Tony Lopiccolo – secretary@425regiment.org
  • Treasurer:                  Tom Neff  – treasurer@425regiment.org
  • Historian:                    Don Bugg – historian@425regiment.org
  • RCSM:                        Dean Burchill – csm@425regiment.org
  • Adjutant :                   Bob Wangen – adjutant@425regiment.org
  • Quartermaster:            David Lincicome – s4@425regiment.org

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