Reunion Dinner, Nov 10, 2018 – AAR

The annual 425th Regimental Association Reunion Dinner for 2018 was another success. Approximately 28 troopers from mostly the 1970s & 80’s showed up to mingle and have a little chow.  A single evening when you can eat and drink with the closest of brothers and family is one to cherish.  Tony Lopiccolo said he was happy to meet some old dudes that he haven’t seen in a long time like Buck Cutlip, 1SG Surmacz, Don Bliss, and Bill Clark. Col. Faunt was able to give a real world, UNCLASS brief better that we ever got while we were serving, because it covered real world philosophy. After the dinner those who decided to remain went down to the club room for further conversations. Needless to say as the night went on the jumps were higher and the winds grew stronger. Everyone drank ’till their heart’s content, and discussed how to save the world.  It was a really good time. 

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