425th Regimental Association Newsletter – June 2020

425th Regimental Association Newsletter – June 2020

The Unit History is updated and back on the market!

The Company F History book is DONE! The book will be sold through Amazon and is available in both print and Kindle versions. You can order it immediately if you want by going to https://www.amazon.com/Around-World-Unseen-History-Infantry/dp/1730937691/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1585185862&sr=8-2
Members who ordered copies before the corrections were made can contact Fernando Campos at president@425regiment.org to coordinate getting a complimentary new copy.

There is a special offer – we have ordered 100 copies of the printed version and they will be signed by the authors and available for sale at the 82nd/425th Picnic for $20, a $5.00 discount.We have a new Facebook Group!
There are several Facebook groups for former members of Company F to join; however, all of these are closed groups that require you to be a member to participate in discussions with posts and comments. This new group, 425th Regimental Association, is an open group. It is also a moderated group to ensure that posts and comments are appropriate for anyone to view.
We will post news about the Association and its activities as well as information that will help veterans and surviving spouses. Let us know what you think about it and we will do our best to improve it over time.

425th Regimental Association Calendar of Events: In spite if the current health crisis, we are planning events for the remainder of the year. For the immediate future we are not planning any breakfast or lunch “Get-Togethers.”

  • Joint 82nd Airborne Association/425th Regimental Association Picnic – 25 Jul 2020

This event will be held at the Bruce VFW Post in St. Clair Shores. This is a fun time with plenty to eat and drink. This is also the time when we hold our annual meeting and election of officers. Make sure you don’t miss this great time! As of this date, the 82nd Association has said they are planning to hold this event on schedule.

  • Regimental Rendezvous – 7-9 August 2020

We have tentative plans for a “Guys Only” Regimental Rendezvous at Scott Bradley’s place in St. Helens. MI. There will be plenty to eat and drink as well as an opportunity to use your favorite firearm, either on the property or at a local commercial range.

  • Michigan Ranger Base “Shoot-Eat-Drink” event – 22 August 2020

Join your fellow Rangers from Company F and Ranger battalions at Winnie Acres in Marine City, MI. All members of Company F are invited to join in this joint event with the US Army Ranger Association. Ranges are available for pistol and rifle, followed by a sit down dinner. This is an event for the whole family.

  • Long-Range Reconnaissance Association Rally – 19-23 August 2020

The LRRA is the only national association for Long-Range Reconnaissance/Long-Range Surveillance units. This event is held in Branson, MO. More information to follow.

  • Thunder Over Michigan Air Show – 29-30 August 2020

This is our one big fundraiser for the year. help guide people parking their cars and you get fed and have a chance to check out the air show and the re-enactors. This year will feature the Navy Blue Angels Demonstration Team.

  • Regimental Reunion Dinner – 3 Oct 2020

Bring your wife or significant other to enjoy a great meal at Bakers of Milford. We plan to have a speaker that you don’t want to miss and will never forget. Stay tuned as we finalize plans for this.

425th Regimental Association Quartermaster Store

The Quartermaster Store is your “go to” place for all Company F clothing and memorabilia. We have T-shirts (long and short sleeve), hats, coins, and license plates.
Our newest item are three styles of 425th Regimental Association Knives. These are made by Kershaw, a leading manufacturer of knives, made in the USA.
Visit the online Quartermaster Store at https://425regiment.org/?page_id=920

Information Resource for Surviving Spouses

Do you know of anyone who has had a military member pass away, or has it happened in your family? Army Echos is a site that provides information for retirees but also has a section dedicated to surviving spouses.

Dealing With Bills During COVID-19
There are some members out there that may be struggling to make ends meet during the poor financial situation brought about by Stay At Home orders. The Soldier For Life Retirement Blog on the Army Echoes website has some tips and resources that may help out.


Also, the Association has a limited ability to provide some financial support. The Gold Boot Fund can loan or grant funds to members within the limits of our financial resources. If you have a need contact us by email at adjutant@425regiment.org.


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