425th Regimental Association Newsletter – Fall 2021

425th Regimental Association Newsletter – Fall 2021

The Sixth Annual Ranger Rendezvous was another success. Our members enjoyed the range at the Oakland County Sportsman’s Club and then moved to Jon Allan’s farm for the remainder of the event.

During the afternoon, our annual membership meeting, including the election of officers was conducted. President Fernando Campos discussed upcoming events for the Association. There was also a discussion about the membership goal of 300 by end of 2021, Ranger Buddy List, and Regional/Local Get Togethers. Certificates of Appreciation were presented.

Signed copies of the unit history, “Around the World Unseen” were available for purchase.

The new officers for 2021-2022 are:

President – Fernando Campos
Vice-President – Mark Evans
Secretary – Tony Lopiccolo
Regiment CSM – Tom Albrecht
Quartermaster – Dave Lincicome
Historian – Steve Mrozek
Treasurer – Phil Griglio
Adjutant – Mike Fitzgerald

There was a delicious catered meal Saturday night and after many war stories and jump lies, most people left for the night.

Sunday started with a catered breakfast and a Memorial Service was held.

425th Regimental Association Calendar of Events

  • Regimental Reunion Dinner – 2 Oct 2021

Postponed until May 2022.  Stand by for additional information

425th Regimental Association Quartermaster Store

The Quartermaster Store is your “go to” place for all Company F clothing and memorabilia. We have T-shirts (long and short sleeve), hats, coins, and license plates.

Signed copies of the Unit History are still available!

The book will be sold through Amazon and is available in both print and Kindle versions. You can order it immediately if you want by going to https://www.amazon.com/Around-World-Unseen-History-Infantry/dp/1730937691/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1585185862&sr=8-2

There is a special offer – we have copies of the printed version that have been signed by the authors and is available on our online Quartermaster Store for $20, a $5.00 discount.

Information Resource for Vets and Spouses

Do you know of anyone who has had a military member pass away, or has it happened in your family? Army Echos is a site that provides information for retirees but also has a section dedicated to surviving spouses.

425th Regimental Association Board of Directors & Contact Information 
President:                     Fernando Campos – president@425regiment.org
Vice President             Mark Evans – vicepresident@425regiment.org
Secretary:                     Tony Lopiccolo – [email protected]425regiment.org
Treasurer:                    Phil Griglio – treasurer@425regiment.org
Historian:                     Steve Mrozek – historian@425regiment.org
RCSM:                          Tom Albrecht – csm@425regiment.org
Adjutant:                      Mike Fitzgerald – adjutant@425regiment.org
Quartermaster:           David Lincicome – s4@425regiment.org

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  1. Marco Cuenca says:

    Hi, I heard that there may be a static line jump available to veteran AB personnel. Do you know about this event?
    Let me know about this event, or any other airborne jump events if possible.
    Thank You, Marco Cuenca

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