Regimental Association Coin

SSG Basil Zaviski has designed a new coin for the Association and the Coin Committee would like your feedback.

Here is the front of the coinCo.F425 Final Coin front jpg

Here is the back of the coinFinal Co.F Coin 5 10 2010 jpg

Please add your comments to this post or email the Association at

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18 Responses to Regimental Association Coin

  1. Kevin Riha says:

    It is almost a perfect design Basil. Is there any way you could incorporate buffalo wings into the logo? Just curious, I would buy one then.

  2. Dean J. Burchill says:

    Very nice work by Basil, Peleshok, and the coin committee. It looks like a winner to me and my wife.

    Also thanks to Bob Wangen for making this available.

  3. Jeremy Plaxton says:

    Truly awesome, looks BA as it should.

  4. charles york says:

    It is awesome in every way!

  5. Donald Bugg says:

    Wonderful job gang! Basil, it’s amazing that you could put so much history on a coin.

    My only suggestion is that since the 425 was an Airborne Ranger Company for 18 years, I’d like to see Airborne Ranger reflected on the scroll on the back of the coin, instead of LRS…which is already on the front of the coin.

  6. Mike Sorvick says:

    I agree with Don Bugg on the Logo about the Airborne Ranger on the scroll; and I’d add a 3X5 card with the sale of each coin, explaining the histroy of the unit, make a nice additional touch.

  7. Jeff Hunt says:

    Looks great Basil, I think I agree w/ Bugg and Sorvick, the old scroll kinda adds some more historical significance to it.

  8. Fernando Campos says:

    Excellent work. If I may suggest this from my years as unit historian, the scroll should be the Ranger Airborne, as it was the only scroll authorized for Co F, which reflects our true lineage. The LRS scroll is something that was never authorized nor ever attempted to run it through the US Heraldry Dept, as we were attempting to reinstate the scroll in the mid 1990s once we received authorization for the Regimental Colors and Crest, which as you know, took many years to acomplish. If you want to retain the LRS scroll, it should be on the back side of the coin. Again, GREAT JOB. SFC Campos

  9. David Gorsich says:

    So how will we be able to order the coin?

  10. Dean J. Burchill says:

    Send $15 for the first one and $12 for each additional one to
    425th Regimental Assoc.
    22533 Lincoln
    St. Clair Shors, MI 48082-1781

    Make checks or money orders payable to:
    425th Regimental Assoc.

    Please include Name, address, and phone number with the order.

  11. David Gorsich says:

    Thanks for the Information.  Smokey showed me his other Basil’s other coin a few weeks ago at All Ohio Days, in Toledo. 

  12. Charles Ryan Smith says:

    Hey Basil….. The coin looks great!!! I will be ordering 3 for former Co F. members. Talk to ya soon.  

  13. Jesse F Capetillo says:

    I agree, the coin does look BA. I will be ordering a few coins myself. I also agree with SFC Compose and Bugg. I would like to see the “Ranger Airborne” on the scroll on the back of coin. When I first came on board The scroll issued to me Read: Co F Ranger Airborne 452 INF. In any case, Great job SSG Basil!!!

  14. Paul Ballmann says:

    Looks great!  How do we order one?

  15. RWangen says:

    Hi Paul,

    The link is on the home page, but click on this link,, to go to the order form.

  16. Dean Burchill says:

    We also have a similar coin that was donated by Elwood Kyle.  It is only 1″ in diameter without colors.  But it has a raised feature.

    You can use the same form that Bob indicated above.  They are $7 each and $3 for each additional one.

    Or you can order one of each for $20.


  17. Marvin gray says:

    Checking to see if the coin is still available.

  18. RWangen says:

    Coins are available. Feel free to use this site to place your order.

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