The End of an Era

Saturday, Dec 11, 2010 marked the end of an era. Company F (Long Range Surveillance), 425th Infantry held its last Dining Out. Company E & F (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol), 425th Infantry was created from Companies A & B of the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 225th Infantry in 1968. Company E was stationed in Pontiac and Company F was stationed in Detroit. In 1972 Company E was inactivated and Company relocated to the Pontiac Armory. Company F has moved from designations as an LRRP unit through Ranger to LRS. To my knowledge Company has never failed to accomplish an assigned mission. Throughout its history the unit had a love/hate relationship with its higher headquarters, always loved by the Adjutants General and hated by the staff, yet always called on and counted on for difficult assignments.

In addition to its two recent deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, it was the first Michigan Army National Guard unit to deploy overseas with all of its equipment since the Korean War. In the early 1990’s it got its regimental colors and Distinctive Unit Insignia from the Department of Heraldry and its motto, “Around the World Unseen.”

The final Dining Out was a great event with present and past members coming together for a final hurrah! It was a special event in that we were fortunate to have Company F’s first Commanding Officer, Tom Tack attend and speak to the audience.

Tom Tack (Gray Suit)

LTC (Ret) Tom Tack & COL (Ret) Don Bugg

MSG (Ret) Bill Poynter, COL (Ret) Don Bugg, 1SG (Ret) Charles Lovett, LTC (Ret) Bob Wangen, CPT (Ret) Wayne MacKalpain, LTC (Ret) Tom Tack, CPT Jenzen

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2 Responses to The End of an Era

  1. Randy Easton says:

    Sorry I missed the final dinning out.  After spending 6yrs with you.

  2. Sir Robert James Fogarty II KSM KOS says:

    Looking for any Pathfinder qualified personnel or that served in a Pathfinder unit. I am currently writing a book on the history of U.S. Army Pathfinders and needing photos,stories,equipment,etc… I am also the Historian for the National Pathfinder Association so if any Pathfinders are interested in joining this organization please contact me via my email address:
    There is a website and Facebook page for the National Pathfinder Association.

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