1.  FROM THE PRESIDENT, Dean Burchill.

The mission of the 425th Regimental Association is to perpetuate the history, lineage and honors of Co F (Ranger) 425th Infantry.  Membership in the Association is open to anyone who served in Co F (Ranger) 425th Infantry, or any successor unit.


1.    Our next business meeting will be on Sunday, 6 May 2012 at Bruce VFW Post – 28404 E. Jefferson Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI. (located between 11 & 12 Mile Road).

As per the recent warning order, the 425th Regimental Association will conduct a business meeting, and a family pot luck dinner / social get together starting at 1300 hrs. (See time schedule below)    Go to Mapquest and enter address for directions from your location.    There is no coordination on the pot luck meal so everyone bring something different. ??????  AH Gotcha.  Actually if everyone brings their family favorite there should be plenty of diversity in the meal.  A giant sub sandwich will be provided by the Association. Other than that it’s BYOBB for liquid refreshments.


1300 – 1500 – Luncheon and Socializing

1500 – 1600 – Business Meeting

1600 – 1700 – Socializing

2.    425th Association challenge coins:  I have (2” coins in color) and the (1” coin raised no color) for sale.  Cost for the larger coin is $15 for the first and $12 for additional. The 1” coin is $7 for the first and $3 for additional.  If you want one of each the ‘set’ is $20.  The order forms for the larger coins are on our website.  Or you can mail a request to 22533 Lincoln St. Clair Shores, MI 48082-1781 that is addressed to the association.

3.  We are again planning to have our annual 425th Association summer picnic with the 82nd Assn. at the Bruce Post.  The scheduled date is Saturday, 28 July 2012.  The event is free, but donations are taken for beer, entertainment, and other amenities provided.  Also bring a dish to pass and a small toy for the tots.  There will be skydivers with a closest to the target jackpot and the 82nd Association will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets.  Further details to follow at a later date.


Many of you have been asking for T-shirts, Hats and license plates with 425 Association logos.  We now have a great line of excellent quality products with our logo EMBROIDERED on them.

We are currently working to make them available for order on our 425 Regimental web site.

For now we do have a limited number of items available in stock in various sizes. For further details call or email me at my contact my info at end of this article

T-Shirts:             $25.00

Hats:                   $20.00

License Plates: $25.00


Our 425th Regimental Association currently holds $4,677.77 as of February 6, 2012 for our business expenses and to help any of our members who may be in need in the future. Thomas R. Neff, Treasurer.


A.   NOTICE OF CO F CONSOLIDATION ORDER –  Attached is the state order (permanent order 100-001) consolidating the lineage of Company F, 425th Infantry with that of  Company A, 1/125th Infantry Regiment effective 09 April 2012.   This means that the Linage and Honors of the 425th Infantry Regiment will be carried forward by A Co 1/125 Infantry Regiment.

B.  I am currently working with CPT Jenzen on finalizing historical information regarding CO F’s last deployment.  I now have access to official information that will be very helpful.  I plan to send CD’s of the draft final to each board member. After it is reviewed we can then decide what our next step(s) should be.

C. Another topic of the meeting was the disposition of the Memorial Stone presently at the former CO F armory.  CPT Jenzen as representative of CO F  and I as representative of the 425tn Association will be working together to get it installed in the memorial garden at Camp Grayling.  If there is some sort of dedication service after its installation you will be notified as to time and place.

5. FROM THE ADJUTANT,  Bob Wangen.

As of this date we have 85 members who are current with their dues and 61 members who are arrears in their dues.   If you are in arrears please go to the 425 Association website, down load a

renewal form and along with your check send it to our Treasurer Tom Neff.  Dues are $10.00 per year.

Those members that are not able to receive our Email Newslettter can contact me by phone and I will send them a hard copy by regular mail.  If you know anyone in this situation please inform them of this policy.


2012 National Memorial Day Parade to Honor Sacrifice of the Iraq War Generation

WASHINGTON, Feb. 15, 2012  — The 2012 National Memorial Day Parade, our nation’s largest Memorial Day parade, will feature a special tribute recognizing the sacrifices made by those who have served in the war in Iraq, and welcoming home those who have served. The parade will mark the first major public event in Washington DC.  Since the end of the war, there has been a great outpouring of support for a parade honoring the men and women who have served and sacrificed in Iraq,” stated American Veterans Center president Jim Roberts. “While a large-scale ticker-tape parade for Iraq war veterans is unlikely anytime soon, as troops are still deployed to Afghanistan, the valor and sacrifice of the Iraq war generation cannot and should not be ignored. The National Memorial Day Parade will serve as a dignified tribute to those who sacrificed in Iraq, and a place for the public to gather to demonstrate their gratitude.”

The parade will mark the first major public event in Washington paying tribute to the Iraq war generation since the conclusion of operations in December 2011.

BUDDY TO BUDDY PROGRAM:  Do you need help?

Help is just a phone call away. If you or a service member you know needs help, call the Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteer Veteran program at 1-888-82-BUDDY (1-888-822-8339). You’ll be matched with a veteran trained to help you find resources for a variety of readjustment issues, such as financial benefits, educational goals, emotional challenges, substance abuse, legal or job issues.

If you’re a veteran in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, PLEASE call the Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-TALK

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