In Memory of Absent Friends of Company F (RANGER) 425th Infantry

CO F Last Drill and Deactivation ceremony 096

1SG Jack Groner

SGT Russell Poynter

SSG David Waid

SSG Edward (Recon Red) Kerwin

SGT Thomas Rohroff

1LT Ralph Miller

SFC James Rasmussen

1LT Jessie Willson

SP4 Jerry Kit

SSG Joseph Harnish

SGT Leonard Worlen

SGT Chester Perkins

1LT Robert Freeman

SGT Melvin McGowan

SGT Lonnie Anderson

CW4 Richard Pineage

SFC John Corkery

SGT Gary Richards

SP4 Michael McArthur

SGT James Androyna

SP4 David Cummings

SGT Timothy Carlson

SFC Matthew Hilton

SFC Carl Peck

SP4 Glenn Demers

SP4 James Sturgis

MAJ Lance Waldorf

MAJ Robert (RJ) Smith

SGT Robert (Buck) Chewning

SP4 Eddie Sykes

SP4 Jerry Bohnett

SGT Robert Nanni

SSG Phil Metevia

LTC John Koehler

SSG Guy Skarbardis

LT Matthew Szymanski

LTC Thomas Tack (Our first Commander)

SGM Tom Nevison

SGT Dale Remley

SP4 Randy Parr

SGT Brian Zoldowski

SGT Robert Ankony

MSG Rick Essex

SP4 Oliver Brant

SP4 Robert Edwards

SP4 Frank Gawronski

SSG Charles Nelson

SSG Pete Bonderczuk

1LT Duane Gardner

SP4 Ryan Martin

SSG Richard Nichols

SP4 Michael Van Tuyl

SP4 Andrew Kirby Dunn

SSG Ron Hewelt

SGT John Bunge

SP4 John Crisler

SP4 Richard Sievert (LT  USNR)

SSG Donald Johnson

1SG Benjamin Walker

SFC Ronald Contor

SGT James (Jimmy) Ray


27 Responses to In Memory of Absent Friends of Company F (RANGER) 425th Infantry

  1. clifford daugherty says:

    spc david cummings is not dead

  2. SSG Bob Jackson says:

    Let us not forget SGT Zoldowski, I am not sure of the spelling.

  3. Angela Worlen says:

    Thinking of my dad, Leonard Worlen, on this Veteran’s Day.  Love you and miss you.

  4. Jim Cox says:

    Guys lets not forget Matt, our first KIA he was a good guy that conducted himself with dignity.  He gave his life to protect his soldiers  and I’m very proud to have known and served with him

  5. RWangen says:

    SFC Matthew Hilton is on the honored role of our “absent friends.” All gave some, but some gave all

  6. David G Leach says:

    Sgt. Groner was my 1st SGT from 1966 to 1972 both in the 225th Infantry and after when the Co. F 425th was formed in, I believe,late 1968 when we moved to the old Artillery Armory in Oak Park. A great guy and a hell of a 1st SGT. God bless him and his family. Sgt. Rasmussen was my Jump Master twice when we jumped the H19 Helicopter at Fort Custer in 1968 and 1969. God Bless him too.

  7. Erin Daher says:

    Looking for anyone that was in 425 F CO in late 90’s early 2000’s was there for three years made it to the teams great bunch SSG Stuk was my Team leader

  8. Eric Hennings says:

    Get on the Co. F facebook page. You’ll find lots of us there. I’ll look for you on facebook and invite you. If your not on facebook, get on.

  9. Fernando Campos says:

    We should not forget Jimmy Ray, highly decorated Combat Medic in Vietnam, he was one of our cooks.  The Association should maintain an accurate list of our fallen comrades, if one does not already exist.

  10. My heart is heavy as I remember many of those men. I was just telling someone about Lenny Worlen the other day.

  11. Clint A. Leighton Sr. (1SG, ret.) says:

       I served with some of these soldiers that have passed, during the period of 1973-1979 (approx). 1SG Groner was top at the time, SFC Clark was the AGR and I was a patrol leader in SSG Lambiris’s platoon. I was a pain in Ted’s ass most of the time and owe all of my Army career sucess to him and the other Officers and NCO’s of Co. F 425th. Inf.
       I could tell you a few stories about SFC. Rasmussen, SSG Peters, 1LT Mac, and my Ranger buddy with a tempurary spin, SSG Gibson. Meny more people come to mind as I sit here…… I remember you all !!!
       Best people are Army people,   



  12. RWangen says:

    Hi Clint, Glad to hear from you! I encourage you to join the 425th Regimental Association to stay in contact with your comrades. Click here to get a membership form.

  13. Dean J. Burchill says:

    Phil Metevia passed away at the VA Hospital on July 16th at 0544 hours

  14. mark young says:

    At 18 yrs. old I  Became a member of the 425th in 1977  until 1989 then transferred to 746 ordinance  got out in 1992 reenlisted 1999 with 278 ACR INF deployed 6 months to Kosovo (camp bondsteel )  in 2000 deployed for 6 months (camp able sentry) Macedonia 2001  deployed to Iraq for 18 months in 2003(FOB anaconda)  deployed for 6 months for  OJS Mexican boarder patrol in 2006 (Sonora desert) deployed to Iraq for 1yr  in 2007 (camp bucca) deployed 3 months  Afghanistan  2008 deployed back to Iraq for 8 months (camp Stryker)  2010   In 2012 I retired from the guard at age 53 and at 48 I retired from GM I am 54 now and starting my third career playing music in Nashville TN.I still have old  pictures and memorabilia from the 425th. ps. Remember the chicken we thru out the huey those were the days    

  15. Dean J. Burchill says:

    Don Johnson also told me of Frank Garownski who passed away in Florida in 2009

  16. Robert Lagana says:

    An now we add Terry Koehler to that ever growing list of men who proudly served in Co F.  It was an honor to serve in Co F, it was an honor to serve with many of the men on this list, and someday my name will also appear here.  May God bless you all, and may you rest in the peace and comfort of our Lord.

  17. Laura Van Tuyl says:

    Michael Van Tuyl (SP4) went home to be with the Lord in May of this year (2014). He was 52 years old.

  18. John Heckler says:

    HEY Clifford Daugherty,
    CALL me 937 456 1091

  19. Sgt. Gerard Courtney says:

    Too many great friends. Sad to see the list but proud to have served with them.

  20. Raymond Hernandez says:

    Rip brothers. Sgt bondo you were a great man

  21. john buunge says:

    Jerry, John Bunge I’d to talk to you. Holdeif found you on this site. Boman, Saier, and Savoy
    live about a half hour away from each other. Elwood lives in Chesterfield Township,23 mile and Gratiot. T talk to them and visit Elwood.
    Tom H works at Lowes, he’s5 miles from me.
    Jerry send me your phone# and I’ll call you.
    Take care

  22. john buunge says:

    Jerry, John Bunge, Send me an email

  23. Send me an email. and I’ll send you my #

  24. Charles S Acheson Jr says:

    Just thinking about my friend Jim Androyna. We grew up on the same street, one block away from each other. Jim was a 1/75 vet of Panama. We both jumped into the invasion. During our 425th years we had the wildest of times – especially during counter drug ops. He was a good, reliable, always-has-your-back type. man.

  25. Gerald A Faunt says:

    On this Memorial Day 2020 we remember those who have fallen defending our great nation and those who served that are no longer with us. Each of us who have served in uniform know someone, likely more than one someone…and it is for us the living to be dedicated to the ever unfinished work which they who died so nobly advanced…that the United States of America, while imperfect, shall remain the greatest nation on earth.

    All gave some; some gave all.

    – Ranger (Colonel) Jerry Faunt –

  26. SFC Ret Dennis W. Bak says:

    SFC Rick Essex and SGT Ricky Essex are the same person. Need to delete SGT Ricky Essex from list and also amend SFC Rick Essex to read MSG Rick Essex. I served with Rick when he was at Co F in the 70’s and later in the 90’s when we were both in the AGR system as MEPS Guidance Counselors at Lansing MEPS. Rick was Viet Nam veteran with the 173rd, and a CIB and Purple Heart recipient. He was a Great friend and office partner!

  27. admin says:

    Thanks Denny, I have made the correction.

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