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Welcome to the 425th Infantry Regiment Association Membership Center.

To enroll and pay by credit card, Click on the “Add to Cart” Button and select the number of years you want to enroll/renew your membership.    You may change quantities before completing the sale. Once you are ready, go to the “Checkout with PayPal” button.  You don’t need a PayPal account. PayPal will accept MasterCard and Visa.

To enroll and pay by check, click on Membership.  Download the form and mail the form with the check ($10 per year) and send it to our Association Treasurer:

Mike Tilley

3843 Diehl Road

Metamora MI 48455


17 thoughts on “Membership Center”

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  4. Anthony Barrios

    when do I get my new membership card? I never got my 2016 card, and now it’s almost 2017.

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  6. C. S. Acheson Jr

    Will Life Memberships be considered in the future? Have they already been considered?

    Also – check can of peas.

  7. We explored the possibility of a life membership, but determined it was not feasible. However, you can purchase multiple years at the same time. I normally renew my own membership ten years at a time.

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  9. Bill Butler

    How long will it take to get my card.
    Plus do you think that you can pull some strings so I can get my discharge papers. Never received them.

  10. I just renewed for 2 years, please spell my name right this time, I have asked every time and you never get it right…. Glen (with one N) Holt. Thank you.

  11. Cards will be sent by email in mid-September. I’m afraid that we have no way to assist you with your discharge papers.

  12. Steve Seager

    Hello Bob,
    Hope all is well your way. I just ordered a regimental challenge coin and wanted to be sure it was seen at your end.
    King Regards,
    Steve Seager

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  14. Ronald Alfafara

    I did my renewal online on 12/31/20 and paid via Paypal. I don’t see any payment out of my Paypal account as 1/12/2021. Could you check to see if my dues were received?

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