Click here for the Membership Form  to download a PDF file of the membership form. Complete the Membership Form, include a check for $10 for each year of membership you would like pay for, and mail it to our Association Treasurer:

Mike Tilley  3843 Diehl Road  Metamora MI 48455






27 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. anthony barrios


    I sent a request for membership  back in December, and I have not hear from you nor has the check cleared the bank. Would let you me know if you received the applactationor not?

  2. Randy Easton

    I to am waiting for acknowledgement on my membership.  thank you

  3. Seabron Bowler Jr

    I was a member from 1976-1977 We did a parade near Grayling, does anyone have the photo’s

  4. Hey Ranger, glad to hear from you. COL Don Bugg is putting together a history of unit which should have plenty of pictures. Go to the home page of this website and click on the link to become a member so you can reconnect with us.

  5. Gary Aleksander

    Hi, I served in Co. F back in 1985 when it was still a Ranger Company… Do you still have open membership?

  6. Dear Sirs,

    I was trying to contact the 425 thru the web but came across this site.  Can you put me in contact with the 425 about some specific training for our unit ? i.e. rapelling. We are on course to deploy to Afganistan and our particular MOS  would greatly be better rounded with this type of training.


  7. Kerry P. Rard

    I was a member of the Co. F. 425 when it was Co. F of the 225 Inf. Nov. 1965-Nov. 1971
     Capt. Frank Storer was Co. Comander, Jack Groner was the 1st Sergant,  Capt Tack became the CO. when the transition was made to LRRP Airbone Ranger (425th) we were at the light Guard Armory in Detroit and ended up at the Artillary Armory on 8 mile in Southfield ….When Did Jack Groner pass and can you tell me how…I was in the field at Grayling when Capt. Patocki passed…..Thank You in advance for your kindness.

    Kerry P. Rard

    Naples, Florida   

  8. Spec 4 Reidmiller here, sir. It has indeed been a long time since I occupied the orderly room with Sgt Clark. Those were great times. Paperwork makes the world go ’round!
    My wife and I just finished up volunteering for the Operation Injured Soldiers booth at the Allegan County Fair; a fine organization offering free, yes FREE hunting, fishing, skydiving and much more with ALL travel (no matter where the event takes place), lodging and food costs are paid for. Not one dime comes out of the vet’s pocket. Disabled vets take precedence, but any open slots are offered to non-disabled vets. Contact me for more info.
    “The only ‘Leg’ in the company”

  9. steve preston

    It.s been over 30 years looks like most of the guys still keep in touch.The best group of men I have ever known God bless you all.

  10. Daniel Reidmiller

    Hello, sir. I sent my application in last year, with dues, but have not received my card.

  11. Hi Steve, It’s great to hear from you. Click here to download a membership application so we can keep you up to date on what’s going on.

  12. SFC Koscielny

    hi tom will send you the cash sometime in the next two weeks. I case you have not heard I was QRB from the guard on June 30 2013. After 33 years 5 months 2 deployments OIF2 OEF10 the only thing I got was a phone call by some bullshit CSM at 1030 at night to tell me I was QRBed.  then some letter two days latter saying the some thing. When I ETS from the 82nd at least the division commander came to shank my hand and give  me a letter for the 3  years I serviced down at Bragg. The did not give me shit could be because I was in the 425. In 33 years I  was in the 82nd the 425 and 3 other guard units to tell you the truth the 425 was the best. maybe the state should learn from airborne units how to take care of the men who serviced by giving them a good sendoff. the 425 give everyone who left when we got back from Iraq a good sendoff lots of class. just like the state no class at all. take care be safe Ranger Lead The way SFCK

  13. Timothy Farmer

    Dear Sirs, how do I get a Membership Card? I was with the 425 for 6 months before going to full time status. I, was there From 84 Mar- Sep 84 Lead The Way!!!!!

  14. Larry Pyzik

    I was a member of C Company 225th Infantry , and an “Original ” member of Company F when the transition took place . Captain Casey took over from Capt. Tack was the CO & Lt Bugg was our XO. Sgt . Groner was 1st Sgt throughout my enlistment 66-72 . Completed jump school in 67, but a motorcycle accident put me on no jump status and I never jumped with the Guard , but stayed with theth until my discharge in Sept of 1972. Larry Pyzik , Bevery Hills , FL 

  15. I was in F co  from 99 to 2001. Went active and was in the 82nd 3-325 AIR. Partridge was in my Battalion and we invaded Iraq in 2003. Not sure what happened to him. During my time at F Co I was on Sgt Post’s team with Collins, Chapin. Any of those guys participate in the association?

  16. Dean J. Burchill

    We’ve arranged to have up to 20 persons at the Budd Lynch Suite at the Red Wings game on April 4th at 7:30pm.  Please contact myself via my email at  This is for veterans only.  You must enter at Corporate Partners entrance on West Side on Steve Yzerman Drive.  You must only give name and may only need to show picture ID.  There will be pizza, pop, and water supplied.  Parking is all you have to pay for unless you desire additional food or beverages.  For other information please give me a call at (586) 549-8848

  17. Aaron Straub

    Just checking to see if the membership I paid for at this years dining out have been processed yet? Have not heard anything. Thank You.

  18. Hi Aaron, I hope to get all of the new memberships out by the end of next week. Sorry about the delay.

  19. Dean Burchill

    We still have spaces for our reunion dinner this Friday at the Bruce Post.

  20. robert gilroy

    Sir,i was with co.f from 1984-1989,had some great jumps. went to Germany 2 times and trained with the sas cof was by far the best unit in the guard.

  21. I was platoon Sargent in the Michigan National Guard 225 from 1964 to 1969 . I was in the Detroit riots 2 times during my duty. Captain Frank Storer was my company commander. We did our airborne training at Fort Custer .
    Looking to connect with my company members.

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